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Rediscovering Culinary History: Exploring Extinct Recipes of India


Extinct recipes by Indori Foodie
Extinct recipes by Indori Foodie

1. The Lost Aromas of Yore

In the heart of every region's culinary legacy, there lie recipes that time forgot. From the royal kitchens of Rajasthan to the coastal delights of Kerala, numerous dishes have disappeared from modern menus, carrying with them stories of tradition, innovation, and cultural evolution.

2. Navigating the Culinary Archives

Exploring the chronicles of ancient cookbooks, oral traditions, and family narratives unveils the hidden gems of our gastronomic history. In dusty pages and fading memories, I uncover dishes that were once revered and enjoyed by generations.

3. Forgotten Ingredients, Unearthed Flavors

Extinct recipes often involve ingredients that have been overshadowed by modern substitutes. I delve into the use of indigenous grains, rare spices, and heirloom vegetables, rekindling a relationship with nature's bounty that sustained our ancestors.

4. A Glimpse into Culinary Traditions

Each recipe carries a piece of cultural identity, offering insight into the traditions, rituals, and way of life of bygone eras. These dishes reflect not only flavors but also the ethos of the communities that nurtured them.

5. Culinary Resurrection: The Process

The process of reviving extinct recipes is a blend of historical research, experimentation, and a dash of creativity. I collaborate with chefs, culinary historians, and home cooks to reconstruct the recipes, adding a modern touch while retaining the essence of tradition.

6. Showcase of Extinct Recipes

  • Dal Bafla: Once savored in the heartlands of Madhya Pradesh, this precursor to the more famous Dal Baati showcases a unique cooking technique that imparts unparalleled flavor.

  • Haldi ki Sabzi: An ancient Rajasthani dish featuring fresh turmeric, this forgotten gem offers a burst of color and health benefits.

  • Chenkulal: From the bylanes of Tamil Nadu, this sweet treat made from rice flour and jaggery offers a taste of simplicity.

  • Mangalorean Ghee Roast: This spice-laden chicken dish from coastal Karnataka marries fiery red chilies with the richness of ghee.

7. The Message in the Revival

Beyond the delight of tasting these rediscovered recipes lies a deeper message: our culinary heritage is a mosaic of flavors that deserve preservation. By reviving these dishes, we pay homage to the creativity of our forebears and preserve a part of our collective identity.


As an Indori food blogger, my passion lies in not just indulging in culinary experiences but also in unraveling the stories and history behind them. Exploring extinct recipes is more than just cooking; it's a bridge between the past and the present, a testament to the resilience of flavors that refused to be forgotten. Through my blog, I invite you to journey with me as we dust off the pages of history, one delicious recipe at a time.

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