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Marketplace Seller Agreement

Seller Registration

Terms and Conditions - 

  • Pls read the Following Terms & Conditions carefully before getting registered  as a Seller with Indori Foodie. Going forward to Registration would abide you to agree with all the Terms and Conditions mentioned below and you agree and abide to the same.
  • Indori Foodie with their efforts offering Online Food delivery platform through their Web and App between sellers (Merchant) and customers within their capacity and limitations.
  • Indori Foodie would offer a Digital Online Food delivery Platform between Merchant and Customers where Customers can order their food online from Merchant and Merchant would provide the same immediately as per order received on Indori Foodie Software.
  • The Merchant warrants and represents that it shall offer Its products through Indori Foodie Platform for online orders.
  • The Merchant recognise that Indori Foodie has created a platform with Its technical know how, skills with best use of technology still there is a possibility of errors including Network Down, Internet speed or any other type of technical or manual error which would be considered and understood by Merchant very well. Any Financial or other type of loss incurred due to such or any other type of errors would not be entertained or not to be claimed by Merchant during the entire agreement.
  • Apart from the Service/Transactional Charges on Online Food Orders, Merchant would pay certain Charges as a MOU Charges to Indori Foodie varied between Rs.2000/- to Rs.5000/-exclusive of taxes, amount would be adjusted from initial orders after deducting regular service/Transactional Charges.All charges are excluding GST which would be applicable extra.
  • Indori Foodie would provide exclusive Admin Panel to Merchant through web and android app where Merchant can Login and  Upload products, edit/delete Products, add Images, product Videos,View and accept customer Orders,Tracking, delivery, Customer Reviews, Ratings, payments, Earnings and other required features provided by Indori Foodie.
  • Merchant warrants to use admin panel provided by Indori Foodie on regular basis which is designed and would be helpful and beneficial for the Merchant Purpose only.
  • Merchant warrants and would pay Transactional Charges as briefed by Key Account Manager of Indori Foodie and may get change time to time.
  • Merchant here ensures that all products are prepared with utmost hygiene and safe for customers to eat or drink, under anytime of customer complaints raised by Customer, All such complaints would be handled and sort out by Merchant Only.
  • Merchant warrants that in case of any casualty or damage happens to customers physically or mentally after eating their ordered food, Merchant would owe entire responsibility for the same and Indori foodie, only as a facilitator would not be held responsible by merchant under all possible circumstances.
  • All Training related to Merchant admin Panel would be provided by Indori Foodie to Merchant initially and later on Merchant can use the same admin through web and app to change the products listings, Offerings, Rates, Images, Variants and other parameters offered by Indori Foodie as per their convenience.
  • Merchant warrants that He/She would only upload the relevant products on his Restaurant/Kitchen which is related to edible Food only and not any other product/s on Indori Foodie Portal.
  • Merchant account would get settled by Indori Foodie on weekly basis after deducting the Transactional Charges exclusive of taxes as mutually agreed between Merchant and Indori Foodie in Merchant’s respective Bank account only.
  • Indori Foodie has all rights to withdraw Merchant’s listing from all its platforms including website and Mobile App if Merchant found in breach of any Company Policy or non compliance of full-filling customer’s Orders on regular basis for more than a 07 days, Under such case, Merchant has no rights to claim MOU Charges as well as would raise no objection and would have no rights to take Legal action on Indori Foodie.
  • Merchant warrants that all Documents including valid FSSAI Registration, He/She has submitted as a Seller required to get On board on Indori foodie Platform is checked and verified by himself and uploaded/submitted personally by him/her only. Indori Foodie has all rights to reject Merchant application and cancel MOU if found any document is forged or not valid.
  • Merchant may also provide full support to Indori Foodie with products offerings and discounts on occasions time to time to get increased orders from customers on his restaurant.
  • Merchant can view all relevant reports related to business on his/her admin panel provided by Indori Foodie, In case of any clarification, Merchant can call his Key Account Manager for clarity and better understanding.
  • Merchant agree that Indori Foodie may increase the Service/Transactional Charges in future  depending on various circumstances and market conditions.
  • Merchant warrants that Indori Foodie is only facilitator and Service Provider Company and offering their services to expand Merchant’s reach to customer’s but Indori Foodie by signing this MOU not giving any type of Guarantee or assurance on customer orders and income to merchant. 
  • Agreement to be renewed with mutual consent after one year.
  • Terms and conditions may get change any time in future without prior intimation to seller/merchant.
  • In case of any Legal issue, Indore Jurisdiction would be applicable.

Transactional Charges -

Transactional Charges of 20% exclusive of all taxes would be applicable on all eligible and successful orders. As per Government rules Additional 2% (1%CGST & 1%SGST) and 1% TDS would be deducted extra.

All transactional charges settlement would be done on weekly basis in given bank account only.

Order Cancellation Policy -

In case of cancellation after placing any order by customer -

1. Before accepting order by You - Order would be cancelled automatically and no payment would be reimbursed.

2. After accepting Order by You but before preparing - No reimbursement woule be initiated by company.

3. After preparation & delivery of food to Driver - 100% of Order value to be reimbursed to you.

Penalty and clawbacks -

  • Upto 20% of weekly settlement value - If Maximum 03 times in a row, If order gets delayed or cancelled at your end under any given reason.
  • Suspension of seller account - On regular customer complaints on hygeine, food taste and quality.

Rewards and Recognition -

  • Additional Cashback (extra percentage up to 5% of ordered value) to be provided with timely delivery and high ratings on products by customers along with No.of orders criteria get fullfilled by seller as per Company policy.

Indori Foodie

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